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CIFAR Virtual Talks: Superconductors: the next tech superstar?
Power grids that never lose energy. Levitating vehicles. They sound like science fiction for now, but potentially not much longer.

Join us for an exciting discussion with Quantum Materials members Pablo Jarillo Herrero (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Fellow, and Alannah Hallas (University of British Columbia), CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar, on harnessing superconductivity for future applications.


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Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero is an experimental condensed matter physicist who works on quantum electronic transport and optoelectronics in novel two-dimensional materials. His lab investigates their superconducting, magnetic, and topological properties.
Alannah Hallas
Alannah Hallas has an interdisciplinary approach to the design and discovery of new quantum materials. Her program has a unique emphasis on synthesis under high pressure, which vastly expands the materials discovery landscape. New materials play an indispensable role: through their study, new phenomena are uncovered, which in turn may unlock transformative applications.